Software engineer and transient fad enthusiast.

I’m Paul, a software engineer by trade. I'm currently the CTO for, and am based in Dublin, Ireland.

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Navigating the Shift from Developer to Leader - Decrypt Podcast Round-up

I recently appeared on Evervault's Decrypt podcast, and had a great time! We talked about the importance of developing empathy for users, product roadmap challenges, issues adding AI to dev workflows, and managing the transition from a development role to a leadership one.

Calculating rolling averages with Laravel Collections

Rolling averages are perfect for smoothing out time-series data, helping you to gain insight from noisy graphs and tables. This new package adds first-class support to Laravel Collections for rolling average calculation.

Lazy loading background images to improve load time performance

Lazy loading of images helps to radically speed up initial page load. Rich site designs often call for background images, which can't be lazily loaded in the same way. How can we keep our designs, while optimising for a fast initial load?

Font Subsetting - shrink down font files to speed up page loads

Fonts are one of the largest resources on any page after images, and can have a big impact on CLS when they vary in size from the underlying system font. Font subsetting allows us to radically shrink font file sizes, speed up initial page loads, and improve our page speed scores.

Minimising Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) When Loading Responsive Ads

Responsive ads are a great way to maximise publisher revenue from display ads. Not knowing the size of the ad to be served in advance can have a big impact on Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and, ultimately, Google rankings. How do we maximise revenue while minimising CLS impact?

First World Cup - Celebrations Cut Short

Back in 1990, Ireland qualified for the men's football World Cup for the first time. It was a very exciting time for the whole country, though as an eight year old I wasn't quite up to speed on the finer details of why...



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