Publications & Speaking

A collection of videos, articles, conference talks, and any other places I've been asked for a piece of my mind!


PHPers Summit 2024

June, 2024

In June 2024, I'll be giving a talk at the PHPers Summit in Poznan, Poland. I'll be talking about page speed wins available for backend developers, while also covering the times when it's better to have your team snowboarding instead of coding, challenges of policing dangerous drivers, and the impact of TV graphics on web design.

PHP UK Conference 2024

February, 2024

In February 2024, I gave a talk at the PHP UK Conference in London, England. I covered the quick wins available to backend developers asked to deal with frontend speed issues. There are a number of fast and easy changes which can be made to load images, videos, and fonts, without getting bogged down in the complexities of frontend development tooling!

Resilience and efficiency in today's environment

March, 2023

At the first of the Stripe Snacks sessions in the Dublin office, I was part of a panel where we had an enjoyable discussion about resilience and efficiency in today's environment. As a panel we discussed the challenges that come from scaling a business against challenging macroeconomic headwinds, and practical solutions.

Drive revenue with a better payments experience

November, 2022

After Stripe's report on the state of European checkouts in 2022, I was one of the speakers at a webinar discussing the findings. We spoke about common checkout mistakes, how to fix them, the rise of new payment methods, and best practices to prepare for international expansion.

The benefits of Stripe Training & Certification

July, 2022

As a Stripe Partner, we at Square1 need to ensure that our team are capable of consistently delivering high quality implementations. I spoke with Stripe's Head of Global Training and Certification Aarti Kumar about how Stripe's Training and Certification programme helps us to do this.

E-commerce website checklist

September, 2020

When Covid hit in 2019, a lot of businesses underwent a rapid digital transformation. In Square1, we've worked with many businesses adapting to the new normal. In this video, I put together a number of tips based on our experience, to help businesses ensure their online presence is set up for success!


Decrypt Development with Paul Conroy from Square1

September, 2023

I joined Liz Moy on Evervault's Decrypt podcast to talk about the importance of developing empathy for our users, managing competing demands on product roadmaps, and notable issues when trying to integrate AI tooling into development workflows. We also talked about a number of the struggles I had when moving from a developer role to a leadership one - changes in the types of feedback you get, different ways of measuring your own impact, and how best to enable your team to grow and shine.