But how will the markets react?

Market Reaction

Over the last few weeks, as Ireland has continued a head-long dive in to a financial abyss, it seems that every policy proposal, every political criticism and even every newspaper editorial has met the default response of “how will the markets react?”

The main problem experienced here in Ireland is that much of the reaction-provoking incidents tend to happen in the evening, after the traders have gone home for the evening. This means an anxious wait of several hours before the markets open again, whilst we wait on tenter-hooks trying to anticipate their collective reaction to the latest scandal/discovery of errors in government statistics.

The “international markets” can seem to the casual observer to behave with all the consistency and logic of a stroppy teenager in the middle of a mood swing. Predicting their reaction to any kind of news is usually as much luck as anything else, not dissimilar to predicting the toss of a coin.

However, after many careful hours spent studying historical charts, graphs and market trends, a pattern has been found!

No longer shall governments spend sleepless nights tossing and turning about the anticipated market reaction to a government bailout.

Politicians on certain peripheral European islands don’t need to constantly check their blackberry to see what the market would make of a – whisper it now – default.

With the release of HowWillTheMarketsReact.com, all of the guesswork and nervous waiting can be removed from economic decision making. Now the next problem will be filling those hours of tv & radio airtime currently spent speculating on market reactions..

HowWillTheMarketsReact.com – tomorrow’s markets, today!

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