Geeks on the run

A slight change of pace from the usual tech-based posts around here, but it’s for a pretty worthy cause. Ciaran, Diego and I work in the tech side of Distilled Media, helping make sites like, and tick. Recently the three of us had a collective fit of madness – we decided to ...

Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich

Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich
In the film Being John Malkovich, John Cusack plays a puppeteer who finds a portal to inside John Malkovich’s head. Eventually John Malkovich himself goes through this portal, and the ensuing paradox means that every word he hears is “Malkovich”, and every face he sees is his own. Re-watching this film lately gave me an ...

Saved by mystery anti-virus! Wait, what..

Saved by mystery anti-virus! Wait, what..
Browsing the web recently the above screen popped up.

Programmatically Detect AdBlock Plus 4

Programmatically Detect AdBlock Plus
One issue that comes up time and again when working on classified sites such as and is the inadvertent blocking of site functionality by the AdBlock Plus extension. As so many parts of classified sites will logically have phrases like “ad” in the url, legitimate site content and features can be blocked inadvertently ...

Extending Twitter – adding Imgur previews 3

Extending Twitter - adding Imgur previews
  Update 08/12/2010 – There’s now a Firefox Extension in the Add-Ons sandbox available for adding this media preview to Twitter, as well as previews for and ads. With their recent site redesign, Twitter added a number of interesting new features. One of the more useful of these is the media preview. From ...

But how will the markets react?

But how will the markets react?
Over the last few weeks, as Ireland has continued a head-long dive in to a financial abyss, it seems that every policy proposal, every political criticism and even every newspaper editorial has met the default response of “how will the markets react?”

Analytics eccentricities

Analytics eccentricities
Back around the start of March, I noticed that pretty much every time I logged in to Google Analytics I was running in to problems with the summary views. The dashboard would typically load up my list of sites, then freeze without actually fetching any data. Refreshing the page would usually sort this out, before ...

A Grab Bag of Bookmarklets

A (semi-) frequently updated list of simple bookmarklets I’ve found somewhat useful. Some of the more complex ones for use on (Custom filtering of the timeline and Hovercard removal) are discussed in more detail elsewhere on the site. The below are a collection of short and sweet bookmarklets that do a simple but effective ...

Bookmarklets – a quick explanation! 5

Bookmarklets - a quick explanation!
I’ve been tinkering quite a bit lately with improving the twitter web interface with the use of bookmarklets. I’ve put together a series of bookmarklets which allow you to do everything from apply custom filters to your twitter timeline, to removing the “Hovercards” which Twitter have recently added. Most of the feedback I’ve received both ...

DeCluttering Twitter, Part Deux 14

DeCluttering Twitter, Part Deux
If you’re just here to learn how to kill the Twitter Hovercards, then drag the Hovercard Removal bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar, go, click it and you’re done! Read on if you’re in any way curious about the technical errata behind this.. Most of my twitter usage comes via applications that makes use ...